Antiques & Vintage Finds

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Molasses Bottle

An old stoneware bottle with added burlap and label (not permanently attached, so it may be removed). It measures 10'' tall x 3.5'' wide. Good condition with a few nicks to the bottom of the bottle.
Yellow Glazed Jar

A vintage English stoneware jar crock that has a contemporary "Mustard Greens" label added (fully removable with water). 6.5'' tall x 5'' wide. Very good condition.
Old Paint Knife Box

A primitive knife box/cutlery tray in old spicy brown mustard paint. Measures 11.5'' x 8.25'' & 5.5'' tall to the top of the handle. A great primitive for your kitchen! (Forks are not included).
Two Old Wooden Spoons

 Really nice patina and wear on these two early carved wooden spoons. The longer measures 12.5''x2'', and the smaller measures 9''x1.75''. Add to your collection or start one :)
$26.00    *Sold*
Large Carved Spoon

 A well used large primitive wooden spoon with pretty handle. It measures about 13.5'' long and has a 3.5''x4'' scooped bowl. The handle has been carved with nice added detail near the scoop. Great patina!
Two Yellow Ware Molds

 A nice set of yellowware wheat molds for your collections. The larger mold measures 8.5'' x 6.5'' x 3.75'' - has crazing plus a couple of minor chips. The smaller measures 7'' x 5'' x 3'' and has several rim chips, crazing and a bit of discoloration. 
Being sold as a set only.
Yellow Ware Mold 

 This vintage yelloware food mold has a grape design with fluted edge. Condition is very good. It was used, and so has some staining, but no major nicks or lines. 6.5'' x 5'' x 2.5''. 
Old Tin Sieve

This nice old tin sieve has some rust patches, but no holes and works beautifully as a candle pan or bowl filler holder/display. 
Measures 12'' wide and 3.5'' tall. 
$15.00    *Sold*
Textile Mill Spool/Bobbin

Beautiful patina on these antique mill bobbins in the "beehive" shape. They are 12'' tall with steam holes and metal tops. The opening at the top will accommodate most taper candles. They are used and will have scratches, minor stains and other imperfections.
$15.00 each
~ 5 available ~
Stone Apricot 

A very colorful vintage alabaster stone apricot in good condition with minimal paint loss. Nice wooden stem and small size. Measures 2'' x 1.5''
Early Basket

An early swing handle basket in excellent condition. The wrapped thick rim, uneven splint and carved bent handles are indicative of a 19th c. handmade basket. Measures 11'' x 11'' x 6''.
Ginger Beer Bottle 

A yellow & white Titus Greenwood Todmordern pottery bottle. More than likely held ginger beer at one time. Measures 8'' tall. Has a small imperfection on the side that appears to have been made during production.
Old Foot Stool 

A very pretty antique wooden footstool with graceful cut out ends and apron. Condition is good. I have noted a repair on one of the legs and the top is a bit warped with a small section of missing wood underneath. 
12.5'' x 7.5'' x 7'' t.
Yellow Ware Bowl

This yellow ware bowl with uncommon band design, unfortunately, has a large chip along the rim. Still ... a nice shelf piece when displayed. Hand thrown, it features a large rolled rim and footed base. Measures 9.5'' w. and 4.25'' t.
#1 Jar - 4'' tall.
#2 Jar - 3.5'' tall.
#3 Jar - 2.25'' tall.
19th c. Leather Bible

A well worn antique bible with leather cover from 1878. The cover has splits and wear. The inside appears to be in very good condition. Owners name in script on the inside ... 
??? Holbrook - North Acton Mass.
​As Is.
$15.00    *Sold*
Pottery Ink Jars
Antique ink bottles with new labels & feather "pen". Choose from 4'' t., 3.5'' t. or 2.25'' t. All are in good condition. The taller one has a pour spout and company imprint. The other two are plain.

3.5'' - $18.00    *Sold*
2.25" - $18.00
4'' - $22.00
Demijohn Jug

A vintage wicker wrapped demijohn, or wine bottle. Very good condition with minimal breaks to the rattan. Aqua blue interior bottle. Measures 15'' tall x 6.5'' wide.

$55.00    *Sold*
Early Calico Quilt Star

This 19th c. red calico quilt star was hand pieced and retains its vibrant color. I have placed it over another early quilt and framed it under glass. Measures 9.25'' x 9.25'' overall. Great for a sewing room!
~ 2 available ~
Tiny Butter Stamp | Press

A sweet little antique butter pat stamp measuring just 2'' across and 2'' high.
Very good condition. The one piece design has two strawberries, leaves and a decorative border. Intricate deep carving ... very nice!
$65.00    *Sold*
Old Wooden Firkin

Found in an old Maine camp.
The red and black paint is not original, but was more than likely done some time ago.
All nail construction on the bands is typical of earlier sugar buckets. Condition is good, with a small break at the bottom band. No cover.
Measures 8.5'' t. with a 10'' diam. bottom and 9'' diam. top.
$65.00    *Sold*
Miniature Basket

A beautiful tiny basket in near perfect condition. Square bottom and round top woven in a shaker style design.
Measures just 4'' tall with a 2.75'' bottom and 3.75'' top.