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Two Yellow Ware Molds

 A nice set of yellowware wheat molds for your collections. The larger mold measures 8.5'' x 6.5'' x 3.75'' - has crazing plus a couple of minor chips. The smaller measures 7'' x 5'' x 3'' and has several rim chips, crazing and a bit of discoloration. 
Being sold as a set only.
$55.00    *Sold*
Yellow Ware Mold 

 This vintage yelloware food mold has a grape design with fluted edge. Condition is very good. It was used, and so has some staining, but no major nicks or lines. 6.5'' x 5'' x 2.5''. 
Yellow Ware Bowl

This yellow ware bowl with uncommon band design, unfortunately, has a large chip along the rim. Still ... a nice shelf piece when displayed. Hand thrown, it features a large rolled rim and footed base. Measures 9.5'' w. and 4.25'' t.
Miniature Basket

A beautiful tiny basket in near perfect condition. Square bottom and round top woven in a shaker style design.
Measures just 4'' tall with a 2.75'' bottom and 3.75'' top.
Primitive Basket
This sturdy woven splint basket has great patina with a band of darker weave around the middle. There is bend damage to the handle, but otherwise in very good condition. 9.5'' x 8.5''. Includes several contemporary blue/tan rag balls as well!
7'' Bottle - top view
7'' Bottle - front view
5'' Bottle - top view
5'' Bottle - front view
Ink Bottles
Antique pottery ink bottle with new label and pheasant feather. Choose from  7' 'tall  or 5'' tall. Feathers are approx. 14'' long. Condition is good on both.
7'' Bottle    *Sold*
5'' Bottle     *Sold*
Stoneware Ink

A vintage stoneware pottery ink bottle with new label and added pheasant feather. The bottle measures 4.25'' tall and the feather is approx. 8'' long. 
$20.00    *Sold*
Early Basket

An early swing handle basket in excellent condition. The wrapped thick rim, uneven splint and carved bent handles are indicative of a 19th c. handmade basket. Measures 11'' x 11'' x 6''.
Spice Drawers
A diminutive vintage spice cabinet with tin labels and metal pulls. Measuring just 11'' x 7.5'' x 2.75'', it's one of the nicest 
(and smallest) spice boxes that I've seen. Beautiful patina and condition. I am also including whole spices in each of the drawers - (decorative only)
$175.00    *Sold*
Wicker Demijohn Jug

A very nice wicker wine bottle | demijohn jug. The glass interior is amber and the rattan covering is in excellent condition. Measures about 11.5'' tall and 4'' wide.
$45.00    *Sold*
Uncle Remus Book

c. 1894 book "Uncle Remus and His Friends" by Joel Chandler Harris & illustrated by A.B. Frost. Very clean condition with expected wear to the binding.
$52.00     *Sold*
Glazed Yellow Ware

This heavy yellow ware pitcher has an embossed design and brown glaze. Overall good vintage condition. No cracks, and only minor wear marks at the rim. Measures 7.5'' tall and about 6'' at its widest (not including handle.
$46.00    *Sold*
Bottle Stopper

A carved wooden bottle cork from the mid 1900's. The figure has a lever at the back that causes him to tip his hat and nod his head. Excellent condition. About 5.5'' tall. Unmarked, but similar to Anri mechanical figures from Italy.
$28.00    *Sold*
Early Pine Frame

An empire era pine ogee frame/mirror in a lovely small size with beautiful patina. I have added the mirror, but it can be removed if you would like to use it for framing embroidery, etc. One area of missing wood at the top back joint. It isn't very noticeable when hung. 14''x16'' with a 7.5x9.5 opening. 
$75.00    *Sold*
Tin Spice Boxes

A set of 5 antique | vintage tin spice containers. Condition is used, but good, and they all have strong stenciling and intact wire lid loops. About 3'' square and 2.5'' tall.
$18.00    *Sold*
Wire Basket

A vintage wire egg basket in excellent condition. The bottom has three raised areas that act as feet. Measures 8.5'' (bottom is 7'') by 2.5'' tall.
$18.00    *Sold*
"Campy" Folk Art

I wish I knew more about this item! It's a vintage tobacco tin that has been covered to look like tree bark. It appears that it could be some sort of modeling clay? that has been carefully detailed to resemble bark. Very unique! Measures about 5'' x 5''. Includes paper coupons that were found inside.
$45.00    *Sold*
Jug Lamp
A lovely ovoid stoneware jug stamped CHELSEA that has been adapted to a lamp. The bottle cork style light fixture and shade are not permanent and can easily be removed. The jug has a few rim & base nicks along with one larger chip. No cracks. Jug measures 9'' tall. 16.5'' tall as a lamp.
$95.00    *Sold*
Victorian Gate Weight

A very heavy (4 lbs.) early 1900's cast iron gate weight with fluted pattern. Gravity gate weights hang from the center of a chain that is attached to both the gate and a stationary post. When the gate is opened, the chain is pulled tight, lifting the weight. When you let go, gravity pulls the gate closed behind you.
$28.00    *Sold*
Small Jug

This little stoneware jug is in beautiful condition and includes sprigs of faux rosehips. An unusual size for a stoneware jug, it measures just 6'' tall and 5'' wide. Nice tan glaze ... a few small areas of roughness at the base & opening, otherwise very good. 
$48.00    *Sold*
Monogram Trivets

Vintage trivets with initials in the center. The round "D" trivet has a couple of breaks and the heart shaped "S" trivet is very pitted. "D" measures 5.5'' diam (6.5'' with feet", and "S" measures 8.25'' x 3.75''. 
 "D" -$12.00
 "S" -$16.00    *Sold*