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Pictorial Hooked Rug

A lovely antique hooked rug - a horse & carriage scene framed with vines and flowers. Very fine workmanship and in excellent condition. It appears to be hooked with a combination of wool and silk. Minor fading ... measures 31'' x 48''
Molasses Bottle

An old stoneware bottle with added burlap and label (not permanently attached, so it may be removed). It measures 10'' tall x 3.5'' wide. Good condition with a few nicks to the bottom of the bottle.
Yellow Glazed Jar

A vintage English stoneware jar crock that has a contemporary "Mustard Greens" label added (fully removable with water). 6.5'' tall x 5'' wide. Very good condition.
Old Paint Knife Box

A primitive knife box/cutlery tray in old spicy brown mustard paint. Measures 11.5'' x 8.25'' & 5.5'' tall to the top of the handle. A great primitive for your kitchen! (Forks are not included).
Child's Straw Hat

A sweet little child sized straw hat with millinery fruit & flowers. Vintage 1950's - 60's by Cinderella New York. Very good condition. Measures 9''w x 4''h. ... the head opening is about 6'' in diameter.
Early Wooden Bowl

 A lovely and large wooden bowl ... nicely out of round, and featuring a thick turned footed base and wide beveled edge. Excellent patina and condition. No cracks or splits. Just some minor staining & wear from use. Measures 15'' x 15 3/8 '' x 4.5'' deep. (Accessories shown are not included).

Early Blanket Section

 Heavy antique wool woven blanket in lovely indigo blue and cream (2'' squares). This piece is more than likely half of an original blanket that would have had a center seam. Measures 37'' x 90''. Photos show some of the wear, but overall a nice textile that displays well.

Brass Candle Stick

 A 19th c. adjustable brass candlestick similar in style to iron hogscrapers. 
The sliding adjuster works smoothly. A bit of the candle cup rim is bent, but otherwise good condition.
Very heavy ... 7.5'' tall x 5'' wide.
Two Old Wooden Spoons

 Really nice patina and wear on these two early carved wooden spoons. The longer measures 12.5''x2'', and the smaller measures 9''x1.75''. Add to your collection or start one :)
Large Carved Spoon

 A well used large primitive wooden spoon with pretty handle. It measures about 13.5'' long and has a 3.5''x4'' scooped bowl. The handle has been carved with nice added detail near the scoop. Great patina!
*UPDATE* January 18, 2020

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Yellow Ware Bowls
 Vintage nesting yellowware bowls with triple blue line decoration. These are being sold as a set and are all in good, but vintage used condition with wear. Please click on the photos below for more information regarding size and wear.
Largest Bowl - 9'' x 5'' - glaze bubble
Largest Bowl - 9'' x 5'' - inside rim chip
Medium Bowl #1 - 8'' x 4'' - rough rim area
Large & Medium #1 - inside view
Medium Bowl #2 - 7'' x 3.75'' - tight interior line
Smallest Bowl - 5'' x 2.75'' - 2 interior lines
Smallest Bowl - 5'' x 2.75'' - blue glaze spots
All four nesting bowls in this listing ... (missing a 6'' bowl)