Antiques & Vintage Finds

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Miniature Basket

A beautiful tiny basket in near perfect condition. Square bottom and round top woven in a shaker style design.
Measures just 4'' tall with a 2.75'' bottom and 3.75'' top.
Primitive Basket
This sturdy woven splint basket has great patina with a band of darker weave around the middle. There is bend damage to the handle, but otherwise in very good condition. 9.5'' x 8.5''. Includes several contemporary blue/tan rag balls as well!
Early Basket

An early swing handle basket in excellent condition. The wrapped thick rim, uneven splint and carved bent handles are indicative of a 19th c. handmade basket. Measures 11'' x 11'' x 6''.
Colman's Display Box

A wonderful rare wooden counter display box for selling packages of Colman's laundry blue. The Colman company is mostly known for their mustard, but they also produced laundry starch and bluing packets. Measures 17'' x 5.25'' x 2.75''. Small amount of staining on the outside lid ... otherwise, very good. 
Textile Rag Balls

Four authentic antique rag balls in the best shades of blue. I have not unrolled them completely, but have opened enough to see that the strips are stitched together to form a long strand suitable for weaving, which is typical of early rag balls. They also appear to be the same fabric all the way through.  Measuring between 2.5'' - 3'' in diameter.
Basket & Thread

A very pretty vintage sweetgrass sewing basket with 5 spools of Silkateen thread in soft muted colors of green and cream. The basket measures 6.5'' x 3'' and has one tiny break (see photos). The full spools of thread are in very good condition with their original labels.
Early Yellow Ware
Two 19th c. yellow ware tea or waste bowls for collecting used tea leaves. Good antique condition - the larger one having a small rim flake and the smaller one having a tight line (see photos). Both have crazing and minor stains. All in all, quite nice for such rare mocha and white banded bowls.  6.75'' x 3.5'' and 6.25'' x 3''.
for both
Stoneware Bottles

Salt Glazed stoneware bottles with recently applied labels (the labels are adhered with water based glue, so easy to remove if you choose). Both are about 10'' tall and 3.75'' wide. Bottle #1 (left) has a couple of minor rim and base nicks. #2 (right) is in very good condition.
#1 | $30.00
#2 | $39.00
Cast Iron Spider

A wonderful early cast iron hearth skillet with gate marked bottom on three tapered legs. The underside is a bit pitted and charred from use, but it is structurally sound. The interior of the pan is smooth with nice patina. Measures 13'' long, 3.5'' high with a 7.25'' - 6'' slanted pan.
$125.00     *Sold*
Tiny Inkwell

A wonderful early antique pottery ink bottle with newly added burlap & paper label. There is also a pheasant feather to complete the look! The bottle measures 2.25'' x 1.5''. 
7'' tall with the feather.
Pewter Quaich

A two handled pewter bowl | porringer | quaich. There are three hallmarks on the inside of the bowl ... hard to decipher, though probably 19th c. European. Turned bowl with applied molded handles. There is cracking where the handles meet the bowl. 6'' x 2.25'' (10'' when including the handles)
Early Basket

This antique woven splint basket has lovely patina. It has a rectangular bottom and an oval top. Bottom measures 12.5'' x 7.5'' and the top is 16'' x 10''. The handle is slightly lower on one side than the other making it 5'' tall and 7'' tall overall. Very nice condition.
Pewter Porringers

A set of Royal Holland Pewter porringers from the mid 1900's. The larger has a darker patina than the smaller and they both have slightly different makers marks, but the handles are of the same design. Measuring (larger) 6" x 1.5" x 9" and (smaller) 5" x 1" x 7.5"
for both
Wicker Covered

This nice wicker covered demijohn wine bottle is in a desirable smaller size. It measures 8.5'' tall and 4'' in diameter. Very good condition with only a slight rub to the wicker as seen in photo 2 below.
$48.00     *Sold*
Pewter Bowl

 Pewter bowl from the 1920's when pewter was experiencing a revival during the arts and crafts movement. Many of the designs had a colonial feel to them. Manufactured by L H Vaughan in Taunton Mass. It measures 8.25'' by 2''.
Vintage Shoe Lot

 A lot of 3 pair well worn antique children's shoes. All have holes, scuff and wear. The black pair is about 6'' long and the other two are about 5.5'' long. The listing is for all three.
$50.00     *Sold*
Small Butter Stamp

 A nice little long handle butter stamp with carved sheaf of wheat. The stamp measures just 2.5'' in diameter and 4.25'' high. Nice patina with a couple of very tight age cracks. Carved from one piece of wood.
Fluted Tin Mold

 Large tin food/cake mold with fluted edges. It measures 8'' in diameter and about 2.5'' tall. A bit of age rust on the interior. Makes a very nice candle pan as well!
Farmhouse Canister

 A vintage painted tin tea canister that I've turned into a "salt" container. I've added some burlap and a new paper label (fully removable if you choose). Measures 6.5'' tall and 4.5'' diameter. Typical wear for it's age ... please see photos.
$20.00     *Sold*
Antique Coverlet 

 This pillow and table mat have been made from an old coverlet that had seen better days. There were several areas that had minimal wear and crafting them into something is a great way to preserve a piece of the past. The pillow is 10'' x 11'' and the mat is 15'' x 18''. (although in nice condition, there will be areas of loose threads and wear)
$45.00     *Sold*
Antique Barn Pulley 

 An old wood and cast iron pulley in nice condition. The pulley section measures 5'' x 3.5'' and it is about 11'' overall height with the hook. These make terrific farmhouse hangers for pots & pans, flower pots, etc.
$40.00     *Sold*