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Brown Spice Taper

 A rustic battery operated taper with built in 6 hour timer. Grubby brown wax dusted with spices.  5'' tall & uses 1 AA battery. 
~out of stock ~
Petticoat Candlestick

A nice punched tin "petticoat" style candle holder. Aged tin finish with loop handle. Sold each ... not as a set. Candles are sold separately. 5''x4''x4". 
~ 5 available ~
Grungy Tapers

 Rustic battery operated tapers with built in 6 hour timer. Grubby ivory wax finish. The 6'' uses 2 AA batteries, and the 4'' uses 1 AA. Imported.
6'' ~ $6.95
~ 6 available ~
4'' ~ $6.00
~ 4 available ~
Electric Tin Light

 This tin petticoat light has a wonderful historic feel to it. Measures 8'' tall (to bulb socket) and 8'' wide. It can take up to a 40 watt bulb (not included). Long cord with inline switch.
~ 3 available ~
Punched Tin 
Lamp & Shade

 A 3 way switch allows this lamp to have the top, bottom or both lit. Standard lightbulb on top and a candleabra socket bulb in the chamber below. 20'' tall & 12'' wide. Imported.
~ 1 available ~
Chamberstick Lamp
 Rustic black painted metal lamp takes a standard light bulb and uses a 10'' clip style shade (sold separately). 10'' wide including handle & 18'' tall (with shade on). The fabric shade is a woven wheat colored fabric - looks great on or off. 
Lamp $40.00
~ out of stock ~
Shade $22.00
~ 1 available ~
Pineapple Lightbulb

A 4 watt bulb with sculpted silicone and rafia to resemble a pineapple. Bulb is replaceable & two are included. 1.5'' x 2'' bulb ... 3'' overall.

Battery Light Strand

 30 Warm white led bulbs on a silver wire that can be shaped as you desire. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Features a timer option or manual on/off. Imported.
~ 13 available ~
Silicone Bulb Lights

Silicone dipped 50 light teeny bulb strand with brown wire. 11 feet long total ... about 32'' of length between the plug end and beginning of bulbs. Imported.
~ 12 available ~
Teeny Bulb Lights

50 clear rice lights (teeny bulb) with brown wire. 11 feet long total ... about 32'' of length between the plug end and beginning of bulbs. 
~ 21 available ~
Primitive Pillars

 Large primitive scented pillars that burn for 125-150 hours. Approx. 5'' x 4.5''. Left to right from the top ... Country Spice ( 1 avail), Pumpkin Crumb Cake (1 avail.), Cloves (1 avail), Nutmeg & Cream (2 avail.), Vanilla Custard (1 avail). USA.
Pumpkin Crumb Cake
Nutmeg & Cream
Vanilla Custard
Chamberstick Lamp

 Rustic red painted metal lamp takes a standard light bulb and uses a 10'' clip style shade. 10'' wide including handle & 18'' tall (with shade). Includes the 10'' red mini check fabric shade. 
Lamp & Shade $60.00
~ 2 available ~
Tin Candle Pans

 Painted black tin with loop handles. Pan diameters of 4.5'' & 6.75'' (not including the handles). Small size is no longer available. Imported.
$9.00 ~ $11.00
~ 1 available ~
~ 3 available ~
~ 1 available ~
Spice Grinder Lamp

 A replica of an early 1900's spice grinder that has been made into a lamp. Originally manufactured by Park Designs, this now discontinued lamp is slightly used as it was a store product sample. Very good condition. 12.5''t x 3.5'' wide (handle is 6''). Includes 6'' wheat shade. Imported.
~ 4 available ~
Tinder Box Taper Holder

 Aged tin "tinder box" style candle holder. Historically used to store matches or tinder for lighting candles. Measures 4'' round (not including handle) and 2.75'' tall. A very nice reproduction. Imported.
Aged Tin Sconce

A reproduction tin sconce from Irvins Tinware. Perfect in its simplicity.
Crimped details and extended candle arm. 11.75'' x 4.5'' x 4.5''  Direct hardwire; candelabra socket. USA.
~ 1 available ~
Beeswax Tapers

 Pure clean burning beeswax tapers ... sold in hanging pairs.  6'' standard and 8'' standard (skinny are sold out)
Made in the USA.
$6.00 & $7.50
~ 6 available ~
~ 6 available ~
~ 2 available ~
Onion Glass Light

 A very nice reproduction "onion" lamp with seedy glass and aged black metal. This electric light has a long cord with inline switch and takes a candleabra socket bulb. Measures 9.5'' tall and 5'' wide.  Imported.
~ 2 available ~
Tin Push Up 

 A nice embossed tin candle holder with push up lever ... very similar in style to antique hog scraper candlesticks. Done in aged tin and measuring 4.75'' tall and 4'' wide. Imported.
~ 2 available ~
Courting Candle

 A terrific reproduction iron and wood "courting candle" stick ... used to adjust the candle height in order to regulate courting time :) Measures 9'' tall and 3.5'' at the base. The 3rd photo below shows my antique courting candlestick (in the background) for comparison.  Imported.
Skinny Half Tapers
$2.95 pair

 Hard to find "half tapers" ... so called because of their 1/2'' base diameter. Perfect for tiny candlesticks or hanging from peg racks. Listing is for a pair ... they are attached by the wick. 6'' long. Limited quantities, so please refer to the number of pairs available next to the color in the drop down menu. 
Made in the USA.